• Actor / Producer / Stuntman

  • Actor

    Title Type Year
    The King's Rook (Supporting Swat Team Leader) Movie 2016
    Lazarus Rising (Supporting Bookie) Movie 2015
    Web Atlas (Lead Grant) TV Series 2015
    General Hospital (Co-Star Shadybrook Orderly) TV Series Soap 2015
    Comedy Corner (Lead Andy) TV Series 2014
    M and M (Lead Stevens) Short 2014
    Mercenaries (Supporting Checkpoint Guard) Movie 2014
    Bicycle and A Way of Life (Supporting Police Officer) Short 2013
    The Republic of Two (Supporting Gary) Movie 2013
    Scandal (Co-Star Photographer) TV series 2013
    Sumptin' Like 'Dat (Supporting Driver) Short 2012
    Chuck (Co-Star Henchmen) TV series 2012
    Castle (Co-Star Brian Hayes) TV series 2011
    Zombie Towne (Lead Jonathan Briggs) Short 2009
    Runne & Chaise (Star Swat Team) Short 2008
    Millennium (Co-Star Parick Vared) TV Series 1999
    Clay Feet (Supporting Sal) Short 1997
    Ace Hits The Big Time (Supporting Pirahna) TV Series 1982
    Archie Bunker's Place (Guest Star David) TV Series 1982
  • Producer

    Title Position Type Year
    Blade of Honor (Multiple Episodes) EP Producer TV Series 2015
    The Betrayal: Epic Star Wars Fan Film Producer TV Series 2015
    The Time Were In Producer Short 2015
    Epic Chick Fight Producer Short 2013
    Reign Co-Producer Short 2012
    Sumptin' Like 'Dat Producer Short 2012
  • Stunts

    Title Type Year
    Vital Signs (Stunts & Dialogue) TV Series 2017
    Blade of Honor (Stunt Coordinator) TV Series 2017
    The Assassin's Apprentice (Stunt Coordinator) Movie 2017
    Roadies (Stunt Double) TV Series 2016
    Encounter (Stunts) Movie 2016
    Halloweed (Stunt Double) Movie 2016
    Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders (Stunt Double) TV Series 2016
    Maximum Ride (Stunt Coordinator) Movie 2016
    The King's Rook (Stunts) Movie 2015
    Rush Hour (Stunt Double) TV Series 2016
    Angie Tribeca (Stunt Double) TV Series 2016
    Havenhurst (Stunts) Movie 2015
    Lazarus Rising (Dialogue & Stunts) Movie 2015
    Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension (Stunt Double) Movie 2015
    The Last Ship (Stunts) TV Series 2015
    NCIS: LA (Stunt Double Multiple Episodes) TV Series 2013-2015
    The Time We're In (Stunt Driver) Short 2015
    Karma (Stunt Coordinator) Movie 2014
    Mercenaries (Stunts) Movie 2014
    Gang Related (Stunts) TV Series 2014
    NCIS (Stunts) TV Series 2014
    Scandal (Dialogue & Stunts) TV Series 2013-2014
    Whiplash (Stunts) Movie 2014
    Scandal: The Secret is Out (Stunts) TV Movie 2013
    Extraction (Stunts) Movie 2013
    The Devil's in the Details (Asst. Stunt Coordinator)
    Sparks (Stunts) Movie 2013
    Reign (Stunt Coordinator) Short 2012
    The Bunglers (Asst. Stunt Coordinator / Henchman) Short 2012
    Chuck (Dialogue & Stunts - Multiple Episodes) TV Series 2011-2012
    Charmed & Easy (Stunt Coordinator) Short 2011
    The Greatest Blues Singer That Ever Lived (Stunt Coordinator) Short 2011
    Castle (Brian Hayes / Stunts) TV Series 2011
    Paranormal Activity 3 (Stunt Double) Movie 2011
    Daniel Don't Cry (Stunt Coordinator) Short 2010
    Kill Katie Malone (Stunts) Movie 2010
    10000 Days (Stunt Double) TV Series 2010
    Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel (Stunts) Movie 2009
    Circle of Eight (Utility Stunts) Movie 2009
    Life (Stunt Double) TV Series 2008
    Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story (Stunts) Movie 2004
    Judging Amy (Stunts) TV Series 1999
  • Education / training / scholarship

    The Lyndon Technique - Advanced w/Amy Lyndon (Current)
    Sal Dano (Scene Study)
    Richard Henry (Improv)
    Joel Asher (Scene Study)
    John Sarno (Scene Study}
    Martial Arts:
    Tae Kwon Do (1st Degree Black Belt) Grappling Judo Kick Boxing
    Precision/Trick Driving Fighting High Falls Sky Diving
    PADI Certified Scuba Divemaster Extreme Skiing Trampoline Power Boats
    Combat Training Firearms Semi-Auto & Pump Shotguns Rifles